Blade Access Methods

From basket and rope access to interior blade repair, our team’s experience is bar none.

Access by Basket

International Wind uses 2 meter baskets to perform work uptower on the outside of the blades. Three person technician crews are used for each basket. 2 technicians in the basket with one on the ground. Typical repairs that are performed uptower are for structural Category 3-5 repairs up to 2 meters in length. Other type of repairs are lightning strike repairs, Leading edge repairs, fatigue damages/improvements, vortex generator installs/repairs, etc.

How we access your blades

Blade Access by Rope

As licensed Gemini Rope Access Solutions experts, our team can quickly reach your rope access goals. Whether you need a retrofit or anchor installation, our SPRAT Level 3 licensed professionals can complete the job.

  • Wind energy services
  • Bridge and structure inspection, maintenance, and repair
  • Rigging, rescue, and access services
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Installation services, including anchors
  • Rope access and safety training
  • Fabric maintenance
  • Building painting, cleaning, maintenance, inspection, and repair
  • Consulting — no job is unreachable!

Interior Blade Repair

International Wind’s main focus has been on large structural repair campaigns. We are well versed to make major repairs to the load carrying components of the blades while also improving the fatigue strength of the blades. Most work is completed inside the blade near the root area as well as the main shear web. Our teams are used to working uptower in the confined space environments.

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