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Cory Arendt President

Cory Arendt, President

Meet International Wind’s President, Cory Arendt. Cory brings many years of experience in composite engineering and management to bring you reliable wind services at a cost-efficient price.

  • 7 Years McDonnell Douglas/Boeing – Composites Engineer/Production Manager

  • 5 Years Hitco/SGL – Built Nordex NT31 blades in California in 2001 and Carbon Fiber Spar Caps for GE Wind

  • Founded Modular Wind Energy/M4 Wind Services 2008 to 2013

  • 50 QC and Field Techs to Repair over 250 Clipper Blades 2008 to 2010

  • Built & Developed a Load/Vibration Measurements on Mitsubishi 1MW turbines in US 2009 to 2011

  • Outside consulting services for Insurance Claims/Litigation for customers such as E.On and others

  • Invented a new method to divide a 2MW or greater wind turbine blade into 3 sections and rejoin in the field to reduce the cost of transportation by 80%

  • Worked with Repower on the MM92 45m blades

  • Successfully tested to GL standards (Static and Fatigue) the 45m blade after successful field joining

  • The company was acquired by Vestas in 2013

  • Founded International Wind in Jan 2014

Walter Keller

Walter Keller, Chief Engineer

Meet International Wind’s Chief Engineer, Walter Keller. Walter brings many years of experience in composite engineering and management to bring you reliable wind services at a cost-efficient price.

  • Built the first wind turbine blade protection company in the world in 1979 in Bundentahl, Germany
  • The company sold to LM in 1999
  • In 2000 Mr. Walter became CTO and Chief Engineer at Nordex responsible for the design and construction of the largest blades at the time
  • Today, Mr. Keller, performs the engineering and analysis for wind turbine blades and designs for IWC
  • Mr. Keller has designed blades for LM, Tecsis, Repower, Goldwind, Clipper and others
  • With his understanding and knowledge, we can provide wind farms with superior data and support compared to the average OEM

Steve Elrod Field Service Manager

Steve Elrod, Field Service Manager

Mr. Elrod has over 14 years of composite blade inspection and repair experience. In 2008 he started as the General Manager of BS Rotor Technic USA gaining much of his wind turbine rotor blade knowledge from the Founding Director of BS Rotor Technic Germany Mr. Jeremy Shepard. During that time, he worked directly with the clients, client’s representative, engineers, and field technicians to understand the skill sets needed in the wind industry for rotor blade inspection and repairs. He achieved multiple certifications in composites, rope access, platform access, tower rescue maintaining the highest level of safety. Over the years Mr. Elrod has successfully managed blade repair projects for MHI, AES, NextEra/FPL, EDF, Avangrid, Leeward, Brookfield, Pattern, and others. Mr. Elrod joined the team at International Wind in 2021 as a new member of the management staff to assist in the safe operations of our field technicians.

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